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Philips Sonicare Charging Travel Case

The philips sonicare charging case is a perfect way to keep your sonicare in good condition when you're out and about. Itcases are available in black and red, and are designed to keep your case close to your sonicare.

Sonicare Usb Charger Travel Case

Looking for a durable, travel-friendly way to keep your sonicare handy? the usb charger case can help! This case is made to protect your device and keep it connected to your hand held charger. dti has created a great way to keep your sonicare close to your hand held battery. This usb charger case is the perfect way to do just that! the case is made to protect your device and keep it connected to your hand held battery. It is also made to help with charging time! The case has a hard case and a soft grip. we hope that this blog helps you in your sonicareusb charger travel case project. Be sure to check out the rest of dti's products here.

Sonicare Charging Travel Case

This charging case is perfect for your sonicare. It is stylish and protect your device from you and your travel. The black material makes it easy to find and keep your device clean. Thecase also features two zippered compartments which can easily contain your sonicare. This case is perfect for when you need to take your device to a meeting, travel or when you want to use your device without having to carrying it. the philips sonicare travel charging case for the hx993w series sonicare toothbrush is designed to keep your brush in good condition and protect your device. The case includes a reinforcing strengthening belt and a pair ofoneliness clips to keep the case closed. It also includes included straps and a roomy design for your brush. The case is made of heavy-duty materials and includes a few years of stable use. this sonicare travel case charger will help keep your philips sonicare diamondclean smart black tca2001 charger with you when you're on the go. This stylish and durable cases has a hard case finish that will keep your toothbrush on your person and your sonicare diamondclean smart black tca2001 on your charger. the philips sonicare diamond clean charger cover base glass charging system is perfect for holding your sonicare on your go-to travel charger. The sleek design makes it easy to handle and keep your sonicare cool and clean.